Get Plugged in

Jesus made it exceedingly clear that serving others was a must if we are to follow him. This may look different for everyone, but it means that we are to responsibly use every gift that we've been given to love others. These gifts include time, talent, and finance. Our primary concern though is that you use these things to directly love and serve those who may have less than you.

If you'd like to serve Journey directly, there are a few simple ways that you can start immediately, like set-up and tear-down, host team, etc. Just select Sunday Mornings @Journey on the form below.

Below are a few different ways that you can get plugged into the community here in Journey and Woodstock. If you have any questions, or you're curious what it looks like to love and serve others, get in touch with one of our staff. We'd love to buy you a cup of coffee and talk about what it looks like to follow Jesus and love your neighbor.

If you'd prefer to contribute financially, you can do that at one of our Sunday morning services, or via the link directly below.

Ignite Hope

A strategic prayer ministry for orphan care, Ignite Hope "exists to be a voice for the modern orphan in the public square and straight to the heart of God."

On Saturday, June 22, Ignite Hope will host a Night of Hope at Riverstone Church in Kennesaw.  We will need many volunteers to help foster/adoptive parents enjoy an evening of fellowship, fun and food. If you have a serving heart, please sign up for available slots by clicking HERE

Arnold Mill Elementary

We are exceedingly grateful for the fine staff at Arnold Mill Elementary. They have been incredibly accommodating in working with us to make our time here as smooth and efficient as possible. As such, let's do everything that we can to help give back and serve the teachers and students that have shared their facility with us.

Whether it's taking valuable time to read to the younger kids who might need a little bit of encouragement, or working to pressure wash some sidewalks, there are several needs that you can definitely help us fill. Sign up via the form below, and check "Arnold Mill Elementary". A staff member will contact you soon after with everything you need to know to get involved.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...


...for your willingness to serve our community. Our partners are excited for the opportunity to get to know you!